Warner Bros. Spoils ‘Flash’ Cameo, Third One in a Row

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Alright everyone. This is the warning—the spoiler warning. I am going to tell you who shows up in The Flash as a super secret cameo, and some of you aren’t going to like it. Much like Warner Bros. “revealed” the Wonder Woman cameo in Shazam and the Superman cameo in Black Adam, we’ve got another case of the marketing team simply not understanding why cameos are so much fun in the moment and utterly annoying when revealed like it’s some kind of draw to see a Known Person in a Known Costume.

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So, here we go. Warner Bros., for some reason, decided it would be a good idea for Andy Muschietti, The Flash director, to go to Variety and spoil the Big Cameo in his movie. Sure, we all knew that Michael Keaton was coming back as Batman, and maybe that should have been the first hint that Nicholas Cage was going to be back for a Superman cameo.

“Although the role was a cameo, [Cage] dove into it,” said Muschietti. “I dreamt all my life to work with him. I hope I can work with him again soon.” Although no details have been released about how Nic Cage’s Superman shows up in the film, I’m sure we’ll all be very surprised to see him, and excited, and we’ll all be able to point and tell each other about Tim Burton’s failed Superman movie or how Cage has named his child Kal-El. Joyful moments of nerdiness in dark theaters.

Or wait, no we won’t, because all that will have been previously discussed in trade magazines and on Twitter. Incredible. It’s a kind of baffling move for a movie that has been haunted by bad decisions and, in the case of the lead actor, Ezra Miller—consequential legal action for a variety of allegations.

Anyway, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, and now Nicolas Cage are all showing up in this… sigh… multiversal escapade everywhere all at once into the DC-verse of madness. Great.

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