Types of Technology


Technology is a sort of knowledge or skill used for employing and controlling factors of production which could lead to the output of product and services. In simple words we can describe the technology as working smartly with less effort and more productivity. Technology improves the efficiency of work as easy as possible. In the present world everything is surrounded with the technology.it connects the people all over the world.  People around the world are habituated to the cutting edge of technologies.

There are several types of technology such as product technology, process technology, management technology etc. Product technology is the information that specifies a product’s features and usage. Process technology is the skill or knowledge used in the manufacturing of a product. Management technology is nothing but managerial skills required for running a business.

In brief we can differentiate into the various types, such as civil engineering technology which builds the world. Electrical technology is the power of the world. Mechanical technology moves the world with the machines and tools. Computer science or information technology is the magic of the world .electronic and communication technology connects the world in and around the planet.

Bio technology creates and maintains the biological systems such as food production, environmental issues, genetics information etc. Medical technology for detecting the injuries, diseases, prevention of disease etc.it is often used for the plastic surgery, X -RAY and MRI scanning, diagnosis etc.

Apart from this there are other types such as robotic technology, materials technology, space technology, artificial intelligence etc.

Technology improves the higher productivity, global competitiveness, changing job profile, need for multi skilling and multitasking increases capital income. Technology is nothing but the future of the world.

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