Twister Air Replaces the Mat With an Augmented Reality App

Twister Air is bringing an augmented reality spin to the color-matching game, replacing the mat with wristbands and an app that tracks how you move. 

Revealed Wednesday by Hasbro, the $20 game uses the camera on a phone or tablet to track as players match wrist and ankle bands with colored spots on the screen. 

Twister Air gameplay on a tablet.


Though Twister Air is unlikely to make players get into yogalike positions to hit all the spots, like the traditional game sometimes requires, it does prompt players to reach, clap, swipe or pose to earn points.

Twister Air can be played in teams, one-on-one or by yourself, and it includes 16 songs that play during games. The set comes with an adjustable stand for holding a phone or tablet, and you can play the game on a television using AirPlay for iOS devices or Chromecast when using Android.

Twister Air package

The Twister Air box includes wristbands, an adjustable stand and a QR code for downloading the Twister Air app.


Twister Air is the latest game to reinvent itself by taking advantage of augmented reality. March saw the release of Hot Wheels Rift Rally featuring a remote control car that races around on your floor while appearing to shoot along an AR racetrack that appears on your phone or TV. 

Twister Air goes on preorder starting today at Amazon, and it’ll hit most retail stores on Aug. 1.

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