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Mode Electric Toothbrush: One minute review

Mode is a relatively new brand that sells only one product: the electric toothbrush—and its replacement brush heads. That means a ton of thought and detail went into creating this device, and it shows. 

The Mode Electric Toothbrush is one of the most aesthetically pleasing toothbrushes you can find, certainly prettier than some of the other best electric toothbrushes. No white plastic here: its minimalistic all-black coloring and wire-free charging.  You’ll happily set this toothbrush up in a wall outlet. Yes, you read that right. The charging dock plugs directly into your wall outlet, and the toothbrush magnetically attaches to it for easy charging. Therefore, your clunky wired chargers will no longer clutter the counter space. The charging dock also doubles as a night light. 

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