Rape Cases In India

Rape Cases In India

I am feeling very sad to tell about rape cases that increasing day by day  and taking womens life .

It is ashamed to tell that the women doesn’t have safety though we have celebrated 75 years of independent country. But the women doesn’t have safety from the rapist in our country.

Many womens and childrens  had become victims  in the hands  of raist  and  left the world for ever.

Even children are not safe in our country.

According to this some information given below :

  1. Rape Is The Fourth Most Common Crime Against Women In India.
  2. Over 3,00,000 Rape Cases Were Reported In India From The Years 2011 – 2020.
  3. In 2020 On An Average Every Day Seventy Seven (77) Cases Were Reported Across India.
  4. During The Year 2020 Totally 28,046 Incidents Were Reported.
  5. The Highest Number Of Rape Cases Reported In Rajasthan Across India In 2020  , With 5,310. And Uttaar Pradesh In Second Place With 2,769 Cases.
  6. In 2019 For Every 16 Minutes One Rape Was Reported In India.
  7. The National Average Rape Rate (Per  1,00,000 Population) Was 4.9, Slightly Less Than 5.2 In 2018 And 2017.

Indian Penal Coad Defined Rape As :


  1. Article 375 : A Man Is Said To Commit  “Rape” Who , Has Sexual Intercourse With A Woman In Circumstances Falling Under Any Of Six Following Descriptions.
  2. Firstly : Against Her Will
  3. Secondly : Without Her Consent.
  4. Thirdly : With Her Consent When Her Consent Has Been Obtained By Putting Her Or Any Person In Whom She Is Interested , In Fear Of Death Or Of Hurt.
  5. Fourthly : With Her Consent , When The Man Knows That He Is Not Her Husband , And That Her Consent Is Given Because She Believes That He Is Another Man To Whom She Is Or Believes Herself To Be Lawfully Married.
  6. Fifthly : With Her Consent , When , At The Time Of Giving Such Consent , By Reason Of Unsoundness Of Mind Or Intoxication Or The Administration By Him Personally Or Through Another Of Any Stupefying Or Unwholesome Substance , She Is Unable To Understand The Nature And Consequences Of That To Which She Gives Consent.
  7. Sixthly : With Or Without Her Consent , When She Is Under Eighteen Years Of Age.
  8. .Seventhly : When She Is Unable To Communicate Consent.
  9. . Explanation 1 : For The Purposes Of This Section , “Vegina” Shall Also Include Labia Majora.
  10. . Explanation 2 : Consent Means An Unequivocal Voluntary Agreement When The Woman By Words , Gestures Or Any Form Of Verbal Or Non Verbal Communication , Communicates Willingness To Participate In The Specific Sexual Act ;
  11. . Provided That A Women Who Does Not Physically Resist To The Act Of Penetration Shall Not By The Reason Only Of That Fact , Be Regarded As Consenting To The Sexual Activity.
  12. . Exceptions :

1) A Medical Procedure Or Intervention Shall Not Constitute Rape.

2) Sexual Intercourse Or Sexual Acts By A Man With His   Own Wife , The Wife Not Being Under Fifteen Years Of Age , Is Not Rape.

Some Rape Cases That Shook The Whole  Country :

  1. Nirbhaya Rape Case : In 2012 An Anonymous Girl ( Dubbed Nirbhaya By The Media)Ws Raped In A Bus At Midnight While Travelling With Her Friend.

Six Men , With One Of Them Being A Juvenile, Were   Accused Of Rape.

The Victim , Nirbhaya ` Was Hit On Her Head With A Rod After Being Raped. She Died Due To The Several Injuries.

Ram Singh One Of The Rapist Committed Suicide.

Four Were Given Death Sentences And The Juvenile Was Sent To Remand Fecility And Released After Two Years.

2) 2019 Hyderabad Rape Case :

It Is An Horrific Incident , A 26 Year Old Veterinary Doctor From Hyderabad Was Brutally Gang Raped , Murdered, And After That Dumped On The Side Of The Road.

According To The Police Of Telangana, The Victim Stopped Had Stopped At The Toll Plaza At Shamshabad  With Her Scooter. Two Lorry Drivers Along With Their Assistants Wantedly Punctured Her Vehicle Pretendeding To Help Her Took Her To The Side Of The Road , And Pushed Her In Bushes And Brutally Raped Her And Murdered.The Rapists Were Killed Killed In Encounter As Per Telangana Police.


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