Karnataka Hijab Issue

In January  2022 , a despue pertaining to school uniforms erupted in the Indian state of Karnataka. when side some muslim students of junior  collage wanted to wear hijab to classes .

Muslim girls were stopped from entering the college as that it was a violation of college’s uniform policy.

The news spread to other schools and colleges across the state over the following weeks.

The group of hindhu students made the counter protests against hijab by demanding to wear saffron scarves.

5th Februry 2022 :

The Karnataka government issued an order stating that uniforms must be worn compulsorily where policies exits and no exception can be made for the wearing of hijab.

Several educational institutions followed this order and denied the muslim girls wearing the hijab.


On behalf of the aggrieved students petitions were filled in the Karnataka high court.

 8th February  2022 :

The Karnataka government closed the high schools and colleges  for three days due the protest  and disputes over the wearing the hijab

10th February 2022 :

The Karnataka High court given a interim order by restraining all students from wearing any form of religious clothes.

14th Febraury 2022 :

The court orders were implemented by the all schools and colleges in Karnataka. In some Cases teachers also asked to remove the hijabs and burqas outside the school gates.

25th Febraury 2022 :

After hearing about 11 days . The hearings from the petitioners , the state and colleges were concluded and the judgement was reserved.

Note :

The hijab ban in high schools  and colleges was criticized inside india and abroad by officials in the united states and Pakistan, by human rights.

The ban was defended by politicians such as Arif mohammad khan , Aaditya Thackeray and Vishva hindu Parishad  And Women’s Rights activists Taslima Nasrin And Masih Alinejad.


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