• It is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate the cultural, political, and Socio economic achievements of women.
  • International Women’s Day originated from labor movements In north America and Europe during the early 20th
  • The Earliest version was purportedly  a  “women’s day” organized by the socialist Party of America in new York city February 28, 1909.
  • The inspired the German delegates to propose “ a special women’s day” be organized annually.
  • The following year saw the first demonstrations of international women’s day across Europe.
  • After women gained Right to vote in soviet Russia in 1917 , International Women’s Day  (IWD)  Was made a national holiday on march 8th.
  • It became global holiday after its adoption by the UNITED NATIONS in 1977.
  • International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated in variety of ways worldwide
  • In several  countries it is a public holiday.
  • It is celebrated to remember the importance of women and their achievements in the history.



In Early Days the Women’s Day celebrated in different dates.

In August 1910, an international Socialist women’s  conference Was organized  inspired by the American socialists , german delegates clara zetkin , kate duncker, paula Thiede, and others proposed the establishment of an annual “Women’s Day”, although no date was declared.


The 100 delegates representing 17 countries , agreed to promote equal  rights , including womens   right to vote.


On march 19 , 1991 the First International Womens day was marked by over a million people in Austriya, Denmark ,Germany, and Switzerland .


Women across Europe demanded the right to vote and to hold public office and protests against employment sex desrimination.


There was no date  decided for international women’s day (IWD), it was generally celebrated in late February or early March.


Americans celebrated  “National Womens Day”  in last Sunday in febraury, while Russia celebrated  “International Womens Day” for the first time in 1913 , on the last Sunday in Febraury.


In 1994 “International Womens Day” was held on march 8 for the first time .



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