Indian Religions


India is the second-most populous country in the world. India is a secular state. People in the country follow many religions. India is the place for emerging of many religions in the world. Such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism etc.

Apart from this other religions are not the birthplace of India but people of India follow such as Islam, Christianity.

Hinduism is one of the largest religions in the world .it is the third largest religion in the India, about 80% population follows Hinduism. Hindus worship many gods such as Lord Ganesh, Lord Brahma, lord Shiva, lord ram, Lord Krishna etc. there are many festivals of the Hindus as colorful Sankranti, Diwali, Dusserha, Ram Navami, Krishna Tami, Ugadi and much more festivals. According to the Hindu calendar, their month starts with the Ugadi festival.

Sikhism is another religion that took birth in India in the Punjab region. It is one of the new growing religions in the world. Sikhs worship the guru Nanak as their guru. Sikhs have good ethics and values.

Buddhism emerged in India with the teachings of Gautama Buddha between the 6th and 4th centuries. Later it spread over the large population among the Asian continent. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world. Gautama Buddha practiced meditation, philosophy, breath control and other medical practices under the tree.

Jainism is one of the ancient or oldest religions in India which follows spirituality and nonviolence. Jainism was originated between the 7th and 5th century B.C.E.

Apart from this people of India practice Islam about 15% population of India are Muslims who worship Allah. About one per cent of the population is Christianity.

India is the vast and largest country with the birthplace of various religions.

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