India Became Independent Country on 15th August 1947  .

After that   Indian Leaders had decided to follow the parliamentary system because we are been familiar with its working during the British colonial rule.


INDIA – The Largest (democratic) Country

                                              Rule by the people       

  • What Is Parliament:

               A Parliament is a Legislative ( Law making )Body of Government.


                   Come From  French verb  ‘‘Parler’’  Which means  to ‘’Speak’’  which make sense that                             this group of people assemble to talk about laws issues.


  • The Indian parliament comprises of two houses – 1) Lok Sabha ( House of people 2) Rajya Sabha (Counsil of states)   3) The President


  • Lok Sabha :

                               It is also Called as lower house ( House of people)

  •         The maximum member ship allotted for lok sabha by the constitution in india is 552.
  •        Presently There are 543 elected members in lok sabha.
  •         Nomination of 2 anglo Indian system was discorded in the year 2020 july 25
  •         The President appoints the ptotempt Speaker.
  •        The Protempt Speaker Appoints , the speaker of lok sabha who elected from members of                lok  sabha its self in the first meeting.
  •         Present lok sabha speaker is Om birla.
  •        The term limit of lok sabha is – 5 years.
  •        The president Can dissolve the lok sabha on the advise of council of ministers.



  • Rajya Sabha :
  •      It is also called upper house of the parliament.
  •      There are 245 seats in Rajya sabha ( 233 elected  + 12  nominated by the president).
  •      The chairman of Rajya sabha – Vice president of india.  ( at present Muppavarapu Venkaiah       Naidu ; since 2017 august.
  •      The term limit of Rajya sabha – 6 years
  •      Rajya sabha is permanent body and is not subject to dissolution.
  •      1/3 of members retire every second year and relpaced by newly elected members.


  • President :

The president was indirectly elected by an electoral college comprising bothbhouses of parliament and the legislative assemblies of states and union territories , who them  selves are all directly elected.


  • The First Citizen Of India.
  • The Head of state of the nation.
  • The Comander – in – chief of our three armed forces.






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