Government and Politics


Ø  The government is a series of formal and informal institutions that come together to create and enforce public policy.

Ø  Government is the one that enacts the laws, enforced and those who violate laws are punished.

Ø  The government consists of the entire person’s, institutions and agencies through which the will of the country is expressed and carried out.

Ø  The government gets its structured authority and power from the constitution.

Ø  The government is relatively a smaller unit that includes only those who are employed to perform its functions.

Ø  The government powers are delegated and derivative.

Ø  we need laws to make sure that people follow certain codes of behavior.

Ø  Government these are things you can see them the senate the president you can see that the court system.

Ø  Politics is often described using the definition given by Harold Laswell as who gets what when and how

Ø  other words politics is the method through which policy is determined

Ø  Politics is the way of deciding who benefits from laws.

Ø  Politics is the way of deciding how laws are applied to people politics is the way that people gain power and the ability to make laws and to make changes in societies

Ø  Politics is a social activity, interaction among peoples (conflict and cooperation)

Ø  Politics is social diversity (different wants, opinions, needs, interests).

Ø  Politics is the art of government and public affairs.


Ø  Politics is something that you can experience and we all experience politics on some level in our own lives as we engage in politics and our success determines how well we can determine who gets what when and how.








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