GameStop rewards program changes: Sign up before June 27 and save

SAVE $10: GameStop is overhauling its PowerUp Rewards membership program (soon to be named GameStop Pro) and increasing its price from $14.99/year to $24.99/year. Sign up(opens in a new tab) before June 27 to become a member and lock in the lower rate.

GameStop’s customer loyalty program is leveling up.

Starting next month, the retailer’s existing PowerUp Rewards membership will become GameStop Pro and include extra discounts on pre-owned games, collectibles, clearance items, and more (as first reported by Kotaku(opens in a new tab)). The rebrand comes with a $10 price hike from $14.99/year to $24.99/year, but if you sign up(opens in a new tab) before the switch formally goes into effect on June 27, you’ll lock in that lower rate.


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The program starts paying for itself immediately. GameStop Pro members will receive a $10 welcome reward (plus a $5 renewal credit down the road) in addition to the following new benefits:

  • 5% off pre-owned consoles, games, accessories, and tech

  • 5% off collectibles, trading, cards, toys, and apparel

  • 5% off clearance items

  • 5% off GameStop-branded products from its Atrix, Geeknet, and Modern Icons lines (GameStop gift cards don’t count)

  • 5% off GameStop Protection Plans in stores

A few member perks are carrying over from the previous version of the program, including $5 monthly rewards, exclusive access to certain product drops and at least four Pro Week sales, 2% back on every purchase, and an extra 10% back on trade-ins. There’s some new fine print, though: Rewards now expire after 12 months.

All things considered, GameStop Pro will be worth it for those of us who regularly buy new games and hardware. Even if you just took advantage of the $10 welcome bonus and $5 monthly coupons (then didn’t renew), that’s a total annual savings of $65.

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