An independent country in the world cannot fulfil all its demands without the assistance of other countries. A good relationship between neighbour countries is helpful to develop mutual understanding so that progress can be achieved through economic gains, trade development etc. Foreign policy is one of the wheels with which the process of international politics operates.

Foreign relations of India:

Bangladesh: between Regional Commanders of BGB and the Frontier Inspectors General of BSF were also held regularly to discuss management and security of 4096.7 Km of the India-Bangladesh land border.  Both the governments are undertaking various measures to restore the pre-1965 rail links and other connectivity links that existed between India and Bangladesh. Human resource development is

India and Bangladesh share bonds of history, language, culture, and a multitude of other commonalities. In addition, border coordination conferences a key component of India’s development cooperation efforts in Bangladesh through its several ongoing training programs and scholarships.


India and USA are big democratic nations in the world. The USA has helped India financially far economic development through five-year plans. During the Chinese in 1962, the support of the USA strengthened India. Both India and the USA are bound by the principles of the world.


India has a cordial relationship with Russia. India had a good relationship with Russia in the field of economics politics and other areas. Russia had opposed china’s invasion of India in 1962.USSR had supported India at UNO. India has taken major support from Russia to improve its industries and technology.


India and Pakistan share common cultural and economic ties and the mutual exchange in both fields have continued. The mutual trade relationships have continued ever since independence. Similarly, both have responded to each other’s needs during emergencies and natural calamities.



The subliminal, psychological level, India is not seen as a trusted friend and neighbour. The same psychology also results in a sense of entitlement vis-a-vis India. Trade unions and key bureaucrats in Sri Lanka, the former diplomat added, are “living exponents of this attitude of suspicion, mistrust and sheer spite and small-mindedness towards India”.

Apart from this, almost all the countries maintain a good relationship with India.


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