Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Phone


A mobile phone is a device used for communication. We can interact with people from different places in a short period. We can use for business purpose, entertainment etc. everything has there own pros and cons. A few of them are listed below.


  • It saves a lot of time as it is very convenient. It is a portable device.
  • We can access any kind of information through it and we can connect with the world.
  • It can also be used as a stress buster.
  • We can also earn money by using different kinds of apps and it promotes business opportunities.
  • It can be used to find different locations using GPS like restaurants, amusement parks, schools etc.
  • Not only this it is very useful for students as they can attend online classes on mobile by using apps like zoom meeting, google classroom.
  • Moreover, Online shopping and mobile banking are also done by mobile phones.
  • We can capture and save our memories.



  • It is a waste of time as it is used limitlessly.
  • Its radiation is very harmful to health like cancer weakness of eyesight.
  • Mobile phone is one kind of addiction particularly for teenager and children as they play games on it and they can easily distract from the studies.
  • Not only this but it also has a huge environmental impact.
  • There is a chance of accidents if it is used while driving.
  • People are becoming lazy.
  • It can also lead to cyberbullying.
  • People are spending a lot of money on buying smartphones.

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